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Attention E-commerce Entrepreneurs:

Here’s How You Can Rapidly Increase Profits of Any eComm Funnel by 20-50% (or more) – Guaranteed!..

And You Won’t Have to Lift a Finger or Spend Money Because I’ll Implement Everything for You… FOR FREE. Dear Friend, My name is Stefan de Kort. I’ve honed and perfected the sales funnels of many “big shots” in the e-commerce space… And if you want to drastically increase your revenue, this letter has an exciting opportunity for you. But first…  

A Time-Saver Warning: 

Do NOT bother reading this long, rambling page unless you are serious about transforming your ecommerce business. Do NOT waste your time on this page if you’re not willing to implement tactics I used to scale an eComm business to seven million per year and increase the conversion rate of Nestle by 28%. And please CLICK AWAY and, I dunno, eat some ice cream if you’re doing your fifth “pivot” of the year. There, I just saved us some time. You’re welcome. Everyone else?  Goggles on and dive in because on this page…  

I’ll show you my top 5 optimizations that are proven to rapidly increase profits in any eComm funnel

Over the years, I’ve worked with lots of big ecComm brands… Helping them fix and optimize their funnels… By finding the biggest levers for boosting conversion and order values. This led me to discover that…

Over 90% of E-Comm businesses leave money on the table in FIVE critical places of what I call the “Profit Matrix.”

[Insert image] If one or more of the following sound familiar:

  • Your product page conversion rates keep falling…
  • Your email marketing efforts are hit or miss…
  • People add products to their cart but don’t check out…
  • Your average order value is too low to allow you to increase ad spend…
Then you have a problem with the Profit Matrix of your offer. While that might sound bad… It’s actually a fantastic opportunity… Because you only need to improve ONE of these five things to move the needle. By just fixing ONE element, you’ll see your conversions and revenue increase… But when you fix ALL five… Your performance will compound and shoot up EXPONENTIALLY. In fact, by dialling in all five of the Profit Matrix elements… You could easily bump the profit of a long-standing offer by 20-50%… In just a couple of days.          

I Want to Tell You a Crazy but True Story

It’s about how I discovered what I believe is the world’s most effective email marketing formula…  How I used it to help generate over $28,000,000 for my clients…  And how YOU can use it too to maximize your profits… WITHOUT the embarrassment.  What?  The embarrassment?  Ah, yeah… I should’ve told you about that part. Because unfortunately, I had to learn this formula as a result of…  

The Most Humiliating Copywriting Experience I’ve Ever Had

It started back in 2018 when I was writing an ebook for a client. I had been (ghost)writing health and fitness content for about three years at that point… And achieved a couple of “wins” such as:
  • ghostwriting two Amazon best-sellers, including Keto Built
  • co-authoring the Amazon #1 New Release Nutrition, Your Way…
  • providing weekly content for a fitness YouTuber with over 4,000,000 subscribers. (Some of the videos have more than five million views!)
  • And more
This client was one of Clickbank’s top entrepreneurs… Which is the leading affiliate marketing platform. He had multiple offers running that were selling like crazy… And I wrote most of the content for those products. We’ll call him Bob for now… Because interestingly, I still don’t know his real name. He introduced himself as Tom…  Had Andrew Hunter as his Skype username…  And sent me PayPal payments under the name of Greg. Yep… try to make sense of that 🤷. I had done a couple of voice calls with him (never video calls)…  But I didn’t ask about his real name since he seemed to be a private person who, frankly, didn’t like people. For whatever reason, I became one of the people he did tolerate… And that might have been because I wrote most of the content for his products… Which received raging reviews from his customers.

But There Was One Problem…

One day, he requested a call with me…  And once we were connected, he said…  “Stefan, we have a problem.”  Uh oh… I thought.  What have I done wrong? (If you are or have been a freelancer, I bet you can relate.)  My heart skipped a beat…  And then he said… “My email list guy for the keto offer said he quit, and I don’t have time to take care of it. Have you ever managed a list?” “Uhmmm… no,” I replied. “Cool, the job is yours,” said Bob. And that’s how I got started with managing lists.  It was a brand new experience for me…  And there I was, in charge of over 84,200 subscribers.  

“How Am I Going to Make This Work?”

I didn’t want to let Bob down… So I got to work, studying everything on email marketing I could get my hands on… And learning along the way through trial and error. As you can imagine, I made a lot of mistakes:
  • Using the same set-up for all subscribers (I didn’t know the PROPER way to segment) 
  • Sending out way too few emails (I was worried emailing more would piss people off and cause them to unsubscribe) 
  • Never deleting anyone from the list (yeah, we went to spam a lot) 
  • Failing to implement proper split tests (this alone had cost us thousands of dollars every month) 
  • Having no clue what the “Promo Tab” was (and then wondering why the open rate was so low 🤦) 
  • Trying to get all cute and funny with my headlines, which only confused the subscribers 
  • And many other stupid and COSTLY mistakes.
It was embarrassing. I felt like a complete idiot at times. But eventually, I got the gist of it. In fact, it ended up going so well that he asked me also to manage two of his other lists… Meaning that I now managed a total of 177,800 subscribers. In addition, I also got other clients that wanted me to manage their list for them… And as a result, I’ve sent a lot of emails…  Which means I’ve had access to a LOT of data.  

This Data is How I Cracked the Code on Turning Email Subscribers Into Money… Over and Over Again. 

Over the last four years, I’ve done more than 1,000 split tests…  And they all boiled down to one thing.  I found that no matter what you’re selling, there’s pretty much a “universal formula” for email marketing success. I call it…  

“The Three-Step Formula that Generates More Email Revenue”

I know… Very creative… I should set aside some time to come up with a more catchy name. But that’s not the point.  The point is that even though the process is fairly simple…  And even though I’ve successfully used it with dozens of clients…  You and I have an incredible advantage because…  

Hardly Anyone Is Using It! 

Why’s that? It’s simple. Because I’ve never publicly shared it. I only want to use this three-step formula with my clients… So we can bring in massive windfalls together … And walk around like this: Now, if you meet a couple of strict (but reasonable) criteria… 

I’d Like to Use this Secret Three-Step Formula to Double, Triple, or Even Quadruple the Results of Your Email Marketing…

That’s right. If you meet the criteria (more on that in a second)… I’m willing to use my three-step formula on your list… So that you can grow your bottom line… Make your subscribers eager to open every single email you send… Boost your authority among your audience… And do all of that WITHOUT you having to spend a single minute writing content. The latter means you’ll finally have the bandwidth to take on new projects, honor commitments to your friends and family, and go on adventures… …without it being a stressful burden. I’m talking about things like:
  • Coaching your kid’s sports team
  • Hitting the gym
  • Taking trips and vacations ​
  • Starting a side-business you’ve always been interested in
  • Watching movies
  • ​Reading books
  • ​Being more active in your church or community
  • Spending time with friends and family
Those are just a few examples. Maybe you have different dreams and desires. Regardless of what applies to you, it’s safe to say that there is something out there that you wish you could do a lot more often… But you don’t have the time for it. Today, that’ll change. You can now reclaim countless hours – hours that are filled with endless opportunities, experiences, and possibilities… Simply by having me manage your email list. Sounds fair? Great! Then…

Here’s How the Process Works:

The first step is to go to this page. That’s my calendar where you can schedule a call with me. Select the time that works best for you and make sure your email address is correct. During our quick chat, we’ll go through your situation… And I’ll show you exactly what my three-step formula for email marketing success is. Then, from there, you’ll have two choices:  1. You can do it yourself. You can set up the perfect system based on my three-step formula.  You can write the emails… Create the automations… Set up the split tests… Manage the subscribers… Make sure you don’t end up in the spam folder… And more.  If you decide to do that, great.  I’ll wish you the best of luck…  And I assure you it’ll be worth the effort and time you’ll invest. 2. Or you can have me do it for you. If you go for this option, I’ll take care of everything related to your email marketing… And we’ll knock it out of the ballpark.  That’s a promise.  Every single one of my clients gets results.  Literally. Every. Single. One. Now, in case you’re wondering…  

This Will NOT Be a Sales Call!

When I say “quick chat,” that’s exactly what I mean – a friendly conversation. You won’t be stuck with an aggressive salesperson who won’t leave you alone… And I won’t pressure, hassle, or cajole you into anything. Instead, it’ll be a time for you to have all your questions answered. We can talk about the investment required for your project. And I’ll give you some tips you can use to improve your content marketing instantly. From there, if you believe we’re a good fit and you want us to work together, I’d be happy to. But if you don’t, no problem. Also, in case we decide to move forward…  

Your Investment Comes With a 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Here’s why: While I’m sure you’ll find this service invaluable… Something that transforms your email marketing and helps you bring your business to the next level… I also understand that there are many fast-talkers out there… and that talk is cheap. But seeing is believing… And that’s why you can try my writing service risk-free and decide if it’s right for you. If it is, that’s perfect. But if it’s not, no hard feelings. Just send me an email and I’ll refund your investment.  

Better Yet, if You’re Not Satisfied, I’ll Refund Your Money Plus Send an Extra $50 to Compensate You for Your Time

That’s right. I guarantee you’ll be satisfied with my service and that you’ll get the best email marketing experience of your life. But if you don’t believe that’s the case, I’ll refund your money, plus I’ll take $50 from my wallet and send it to you.  And by satisfied, I mean you’re 100% happy, you have no regrets, and you’re sure you’ve made the right decision. If not, email me at stefan [dot] so I can send the money. There are no forms to fill out or hoops to jump through, and I promise I won’t send a hit-man to your home. This means there’s no risk on your end… And there’s no way you can go wrong here.  

That Said, Please Note That This Opportunity Won’t Last Forever…

And that’s not false scarcity. This offer is extremely limited because I can only work with a handful of clients at a time. That’s right. Don’t blame me, I don’t make the rules around here!!!  …  …  …  Wait, maybe I do make the rules around here.  Eh, fine, you got me there 🤷‍♂️.  Point is, this isn’t a gimmick. This writing service takes up an ENORMOUS amount of my weekly bandwidth. And while I LOVE to work with my clients… I have to be realistic. There are only a certain number of clients I can bring in without becoming overwhelmed… And I will NEVER sacrifice the high standards I’ve set for this service at ANY cost.  

Also, This Opportunity is NOT for Everybody

The people and businesses I work with are:
  • NOT doing their fifth “pivot” of the year 
  • NOT living on a diet of ramen noodles to keep the lights on
  • NOT relying on crowdfunding to make this month’s payroll
If any of these represents you and your business… Do NOT try to hire me. I’ll decline your offer… And we would be wasting each other’s time. Also, please note that I ONLY work with businesses that are in the health and fitness world. That’s because for the last ten years, I’ve been obsessed with that space… And as a result, I know more about it than 99.9% of all “influencers” out there. I’m not exaggerating. I’ve read thousands of scientific studies on the topic… Have spent countless hours coaching people in person… Have ghostwritten three best-sellers for my clients, including Keto Built… Published an Amazon #1 New Release on my name called Nutrition, Your Way… And created weekly science-backed content for a YouTube channel with over four million subscribers. (You can read some of the articles I’ve written here. Please check them before reaching out to me.) As a result of these experiences… I know what goes on in the minds of your target audience… And what we can do to engage them, build trust, and convert them into paying clients. 

With that being said, I’ll leave it up to you what you’ll do from here…

Because at the end of the day…  

The Decision is Yours.

I think I’ve been clear on what I have to offer and what I can do for you… And if you don’t see the value in this offer right now, DO NOT BOOK A CALL. But if you feel like this is right for you… And you want to have a professional list manager with a proven track record take care of your email marketing… So you can double, triple, or even quadruple your profits… Without having to write a single word or create a single automation yourself… Then click the link below and schedule your call.

Sincerely, Stefan P.S. Here’s what others have said about me and my services:
“Stefan was fantastic!” “Stefan was fantastic! Thank you for your wonderful communication and quality work.” — Steve Weatherford, Super Bowl Champion, CEO of WeatherfordFit
“You’re a damned good writer!” — Drew Eric Whitman, best-selling author of Ca$hvertising
“Stefan’s writing is unmatched.” “Stefan’s writing is unmatched. Having worked with many freelance fitness and health writers, I can honestly say that Stefan is, by far, the best I’ve worked with and I would recommend him to anyone I know in the health and fitness world.”   — Dr. Ross Gardner, owner of Fat 2 Fit Doctor
“He envisions things for your business YOU haven’t even thought of. Thus, he’s worth his weight in gold.” “Stefan is completely outstanding. Profoundly innovative. A visionary. Diligent and proactive in seeking answers to questions he needs to comprehend to be able to BEST help you. “Energized. Witty. Sharp acumen, wonderful insight, perspicacity, perception and can offer profitable suggestions as a copy writer or content writer. “He envisions things you can do for your business that YOU haven’t even thought of. Thus, he is worth his weight in gold. “Professional, timely, efficient, dexterous, collaborative, abundantly qualified and an asset to any team. “I feel I won the Jackpot finding Stefan and I am fairly hard to please. Stefan is so valuable I have kept him on for my upcoming projects. Stefan has integrity and superior content and sales writing expertise. You need Stefan. Share my jackpot.” — Ingrid Barclay, coach extraordinaire, powerlifting world-record holder
“Stefan is the BEST EVER PERIOD.”   “He checks all the boxes you can think of when working with a freelancer. Attitude, punctuality, skills, quality, cooperation, communication, check, check, check. “You name it, and he checks that with an A+, but that is not what makes him so amazing. Let me explain… “I’ve approached Stefan with a job in mind, and instead of just delivering merely the job, he worked on it as if it was his own! Suggesting improvement ideas, doing additional research, finding alternative solutions, and much more. “He basically became the project manager: planning the work diligently, executing the plan effectively, all of that while also monitoring and controlling the work to ensure quality and to achieve within budget.” — Bod Al-Emadi, fitness entrepreneur
“When it comes to quality, his work is flawless!  “Stefan exceeded my expectations in all areas. “Never missed a deadline, always on time, available for discussions when needed, quick to reply and take action, organized, and very very cooperative.  “Working with him is easy as he is friendly and very professional. Without a doubt, he is the best I’ve ever worked with.” Verified Upwork client for whom I’ve worked over 1,500 hours
“He is by far the best.” “I’ve been in the fitness industry for a long time, but I constantly find myself learning new things from every project I work on with Stefan. “Seriously, if you have a fitness writing project that requires true professionalism, high-quality research, and a truly beautiful final product, you need to hire Stefan. “I’ve worked with many writers, and he is by far the best.” — Fitness YouTuber with over 4 million subscribers who requested to remain anonymous
“He’s a Unicorn among a sea of donkey writers!” “In all my years as an online entrepreneur, I’ve seen a lot of good copy but Stefan is on another level of awesomeness. He is one of the most honest and down-to-earth people you will ever meet.  “He cares more about his clients than anyone I’ve ever met, and will always go the extra mile to provide massive value. “Stefan’s research skills are insane. If you have a project that requires extremely high-quality content, Stefan is the right man for the job. He’s a Unicorn among a sea of donkey writers!” — Eddie Johnson, founder of
“Fantastic!” Stefan was wonderful to work with, followed directions exactly and produced an amazing product. I will continue to work with him for sure!! — David Hauser, entrepreneur, public speaker, and angel investor
“I’m wowed (it takes a lot).” “I’m wowed (it takes a lot). You are a persuasive copywriter as well as an amazing translator of scientific evidence into ‘what you can do’. I love that.” — Dr. Tracey Walton, founder of
“Stefan won’t just complete your task. He will accomplish it and then some.” “Stefan requires a 6th star. Faultless thus far in every way. Relentless in his work ethic. Unbelievably communicative. “He becomes INVESTED and thus immersed in the success of the job, and in my case business. “Being a logophile Stefan uses this to your advantage with sensational written work. Compelling, attention grabbing and clever. “His insight into both fitness and sales copy is evident but Stefan could easily turn his hand to almost any role to help you grow your brand and business. “I appreciate that he has more than “attention to detail”. He will offer insight into other options and alternatives that may work better. He handles our time differences really well and it doesn’t impact efficiency remotely. “I am already referring him to friends and family and my written experience here is not conveying how lucky I feel to have hired him. “Stefan won’t just complete your task. He will accomplish it and then some. Just press the “hire” button next to his name. — Ingrid Barclay, coach extraordinaire, powerlifting world-record holder
P.P.S Here’s the link again to schedule your call.